Saturday, December 19, 2015

Season's Tweetings

To tweet or not to tweet.

That is the question. Or not.

I'm on Twitter. (Aren't you impressed?) In fact, I'm so on Twitter that I have three separate Twitter accounts. One for my business, one for my cultural pieces (my weekly column in Women's Voices for Change), and one for this blog. 

I even have followers!

But, the fact that I have Twitter accounts and actively tweet (when and only when I have something legitimate about which to tweet, mind you) does not make me an expert "Twit." 

Not by any stretch of your — or my — pre-millennial imagination.

Did you know, for example, that there is an entire glossary of new words that have emerged from the Twittersphere? These are very helpful to memorize if you want to impress your peers or people older and less wired.

If, however, your goal is to impress teenagers, tread lightly. If there is anything worse than our not knowing the latest slang, it's knowing the latest slang and misusing it. 

Been there, done that.

So, just between us old folks, here are some terms that you may find interesting, amusing, or just plain ... well ... useless. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Attwaction - When two Twitterers are attracted to each other

Attwicted - Someone who is addicted to Twitter

Beetweet - A trending Twitter topic

Bird-of-mouth - Using Twitter to spread news

Deja-tweet - When a tweet feels strangely familiar

Detweet - When you tweet, then delete 

Drive-by tweet - A fast tweet sent in between other activities

Dweet - A drunken tweet

Eavestweeting - Eavesdropping on other Twitter conversations

Egotwistical - People who tweet about themselves too much

Mistweet - A tweet you shouldn't have sent (see "Dweet")

Twacklist - Blacklisted from Twitter

Twama - Drama unfolding on Twitter

Twamous - A Twitter celebrity

Tweekend - When you spend an entire weekend tweeting

Twendy - Trendy Twitter users

Twitamins - Tweets  with useful information

Twitterphobia - An irrational fear of tweeting

Twitterphoria - The elation when your tweet just nails it

You may not have a Twitter account. You may not tweet. But, the next time you find yourself at some fancy social event with the twitterati, at least you can feel confident about being up on the latest slang.

Because now, you're a twenius too.

You can thank me later. Better yet, follow me. ;) 

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