Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Flying Solo Soon

This morning, my husband brought out new health insurance cards. His company has switched carriers — at a most inconvenient time, I might add. I had almost met my out-of-pocket deductible for physical therapy. Anyway, he handed me mine and I was about to take my daughter's as well. 

"I think she should carry her own in her wallet," my husband insisted. "What if she had a car accident?"

"If she has that kind of car accident, I'll kill her," I quipped.

"Well," he pointed out, "She's leaving for college soon."

There it is. She's leaving for college soon. Soon. Very soon. Too soon. Less-than-five-months-away soon.

A determined list-maker from an early age and throughout my life, I figure that focusing on "Things To Do" will help distract me from "Tears To Cry." 

Like so many other kids in our particular socioeconomic boat, my daughter has been maybe not "spoiled," but certainly coddled. She works (and works diligently), but she's never had to spend her own hard-earned money on food or shelter or clothing (except the occasional tour tee shirt at a concert). She doesn't have much in the way of chores either. 

One has to wonder who will straighten her bed, pick up after her, supply her with clean clothes and healthy snacks. 

No matter how much college tuition is (and, trust me, it's a lot), it doesn't come with maid service.

So, here is my first pass at a list of what my daughter needs to know (in other words, what I need to teach her) by mid-August:

1. How to do laundry 
2. How to change a tire 
3. How to budget her time
4. How to budget her money
5. How to deal with the opposite sex
6. How to proofread her own work
7. How to say "I'm sorry"
8. How to ask for help
9. How to share a room with another person
10. How to give everyone a chance
11. How to get out of a situation if she's uncomfortable
12. How to forgive and forget
13. How to tell if she's getting sick — and what to do about it
14. How to take responsibility
15. How to sew on a button
16. How to iron a shirt
17. How to go grocery shopping
18. How to read for pleasure
19. How to try new things

And, most important ...
20. How to be happy, genuinely happy

If she figures that one out, we can take our time with the rest.

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