Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Boys Just Want To Have ... Prom?: Junior Prom, Part 2

A couple of days ago, I wrote about my daughter's upcoming prom. The anticipation. The glamor. The Facebook page where junior girls are posting pictures of their dresses. 

(BTW, we are now on frock number two, and I will keep you posted.)

What I didn't realize is that the boys seem to be just as excited.

Or so they would have us believe.

'Turns out some enterprising boys have set up a brother Facebook page. It has 59 members and following the lead of their female classmates, many of the young men have posted their proposed prom looks. Comments are few and far between, but some of the more — shall we say — "creative" pictures have generated a lot of "likes."

Here are some of my favorites, along with their descriptions:

"I'm getting this"

"pic of me wearing my tux. its made from real 32 K gold so imma be swooping yo dates like I'm apple picking"

"Hey guys just a thought, I want to the north end and tried this on today, I think it looks fab"

"Tryna make a statement this year"

Some boys are planning to be more casual about the whole thing ...

While others are going for drama ...

Then, there are the more traditional options ...

My loyal readers will surely understand when I insist that I wouldn't normally condone boys making fun of girls. But, the whole Facebook prom dress thing struck me as so odd and (shortly after) this parody struck me as so funny ... I can't help myself. The comments are clever, the pictures are silly, and it all seems to be in good humor.

Classic black tie? Leather? Gold? Or cape and breeches? It's a tough call, but the boys seem to be on top of it. And, if all else fails, a boy can always throwback to the 1970s and choose a tux that matches the color of his date's dress ...

Audible sigh. 'Reminds me of pictures of my husband back in 1976. 

Except his was yellow.

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