Tuesday, April 12, 2016

E-Cards From The Edge

Things around here have been a little on edge lately. 

My teenage daughter has one week left of regular high school classes, then April vacation, then an AP exam and an internship. Then, prom, the senior white water rafting trip (say what?), graduation and ... done.

Wow. "Done."

Basically, all of my parental peers are in the same neuro-psycho-physical condition. All we do is shake our heads, stare blankly, and mutter inanities like, "Where did the time go?" And, "It seems like just yesterday ..."

In the next few weeks, I'm sure I'll write many posts about things I miss now and things I'll miss soon. But, before I pull out the extra large box of Kleenex, I'll pass along some parenting humor (a little of it's off-color, but so is life with a teenager). Maybe it will take the edge off.


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