Thursday, December 6, 2012

The ABCs of Being a Teenager's Mom

A is for Affection
Which I still can't help feeling

B is for Boots
That raise our debt ceiling

C is for Careless
Missing coats, gloves and hat

D is for Denial
That she ever acts like a brat

E is for Edge 
That she drives me right up to

F is for "Fun"
That's a band. Hm. Who knew?

G is for Girly Girl
Something she just disdains

H is for Horses
And for saddles and reins

I is for Ice Cream
Orange Leaf, Ben & Jerry

J is for Jumping
Which this mom finds quite scary

K is for Karma
Which I humbly try to teach her

L is for Lackadaisical
She can be such a lazy creature

M is for Memories
Of the toddler I miss

N is for Not
Quite ready for her first kiss

O is for Old
The years passed in a wink

P is for Purple
Neon orange and pink

Q is for Quizzes
And last minute study

R is for Riding
With a really good buddy

S is for Silly
The way she acts with her corps

T is for Team Harmony
A club I "made her" sign up for

U is for Unyielding
She stands firm, she's no fool

V is for Vicious
Like those mean girls at school

W is for Wreck
Or what she calls her room

X is for Xanax
Which relieves doom and gloom

Y is for Yo Yo
An emotional whirl

Z is for Zealous
And how much I still love my girl.

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