Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions Schmesolutions

Happy New Year! Did you make many resolutions? 

Any resolutions?

Myself, I love sitting down and writing out New Year's resolutions. For me, that annual list represents a clean slate, a fresh start. It's like my New Yorker Desk Diary, a Christmas gift from my husband that I can always count on — and always look forward to getting. 

Soon after all the wrappings and bows are cleared away, I open that crisp new datebook and fill in important appointments, deadlines, fitness classes, birthdays and vacations. Yes, of course, my MacBook Pro has a calendar feature which could link to my iPhone and to my iPad. But, despite my obvious allegiance to the house that Jobs built, I'm an old-fashioned gal at heart. I prefer clean white pages, ballpoint pens and the occasional use of Wite Out.

As far as resolutions are concerned, I organize them into categories: myself (lose weight), my business (gain clients), my family (be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend). I usually include some spiritual goals and a handful of things that are just plain fun (see a movie every week, finally make a necklace out of those antique beads, reread all of Jane Austen, bake more cookies).

I begin each year with great hope and typically fall off the resolution wagon some time in February. This makes me exactly like all my fellow human beings. You don't believe me? Just take a look at the parking lot of my gym the first week of January and again the first week of March.

About a month ago, I thought it might be a nice exercise for our family to make some resolutions together. I thought it, but I didn't do anything about it. So, here we are on New Year's Day and my teenage daughter is hanging out with a friend at the mall, my husband is checking his emails after nearly a week off. And, I'm the only one resolving any resolutions at all.

Do I try and think of something fresh? Or, should I just photocopy the list I made last year? Given my near certainty that my success (or lack thereof) will mirror that of years past, why do I bother?

Because I honestly do want that positive feeling, that sense of optimism, that earnest belief that this year could be the year that I finally achieve all of those things on my list. So, maybe I'll only make good on one or two of a dozen items. That's better than none.

And, there's always next year.

So, Happy New Year, everyone. I have to go now and write out my resolutions. In my brand new datebook. With a ballpoint pen.

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