Thursday, December 25, 2014

Teenage Wonderland

It's their world, we're just walking in it.

Cell phones ring, texts are texting
And your parents, you are vexing
It's here, Christmas Day,
So put your iPhone away,
Pissed off in a teenage wonderland.

Put away, is the backpack.
Why do you look like such a sad sack?
Tons of homework, it's true,
But you've two weeks till it's due.
Sulking in a teenage wonderland.

Holidays can be kind of boring —
Sorry your BFFs aren't around.
After lunch, Daddy will be snoring
So when you use the iPad,
Please turn down the sound.

Santa's come, stop your whining.
So many gifts, now you're shining!
A saddle, some clothes ...
And what else who knows?
Smiling in a teenage wonderland.

Finally smiling in a teenage wonderland.

Under the tree, smiling in a teenage wonderland.

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