Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Take a Texts Test

Quick (SAT-inspired) quiz for you.

Acronyms are to texts as ...
A. Peas are to pod
B. Beers are to 6-pack
C. Texts are to teens
D. All of the above

Whether you sneak peeks at your teen's texts (please don't), or you just want your teen to think you're hip, it helps to have a handle on the latest or at least greatest acronyms. Nothing screams "square parental unit" like typing out your message using individual words. 

And, if you really want to seem like a dud, take the time to spell them correctly.

Some text acronyms are already ubiquitous. ("You don't know what OMG means? OMG!") But others are a little trickier. In a few cases, you have to have some fluency in teen slang before you can possibly dissect the corresponding acronym.

What tangled texts teens weave!

To keep you on your texting toes (and to kill a few minutes if you're supposed to be working), here's a quick quiz:
1. OOTD 
A. Out of the door
B. Outfit of the day 
C. Off of the dock
D. Open our texts, dork-face
2. KOTD 
A. Kiss off, tough dude
B. Kicks of the day 
C. Kind of tired, daddy-o 
D. Kept out till dawn

3. HMU 
A. Hate my umbrella
B. Hot make-up
C. Hit me up 
D. Have my underwear?

4. TBH 
A. To be honest 
B. Too brutally honest
C. Tough boogers, honey
D. Truly beautiful hair

5. TBR  
A. Totally boring read
B. Thanks, brother
C. Think before rant
D. To be rude

6. OOMF  
A. One of my friends
B. Out of my Frappuccinos
C. One of my followers
D. Off of my feelings

7. BAE 
A. Baby 
B. Boys are exceptional
C. Big ass exam
D. Been away in England

8. WCW  
A. World Cup Wrestling
B. Woman Crush Wednesday
C. Worrying can wait 
D. What cats want

9. TMI
A. Take my ice cream
B. Totally max image 
C. Tough macho ignoramus
D. Too much information

10. RN  
A. Real nice
B. Registered nurse
C. Right now
D. Regular news

Hope this was helpful or at least made you LOL.

Answer key: 1B; 2B; 3C; 4A; 5D; 6C; 7A; 8B; 9D; 10C

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